G’Morning Puss! Sharpie and watercolour
on paper.

Admirers of Dutch fauvist Kees van Dongen’s work at the SIngerlaren Museum NL. Sharpie and watercolour on paper.

On the tram 1. Felt pen on paper.

SOLD (private collection Australia)

On the tram 2. Felt pen on paper.

Movement. Charcoal and watercolour on paper.

AIrport lounge. Felt pen on paper.

Life Drawing Session. Charcoal on paper.

The serve. Ink and watercolour on paper.

‘Dosen’ (the lecturer) – sketch made during a guest lecture at Melbourne University. Felt pen on paper.

Mariangela. Charcoal on paper.

Krista and Moos. Ink on paper.

The Potter. Acrylics, charcoal and pastel on kraft paper.

The Sketch Group 1. Ink and Pastel on Paper.

In the studio I. Ink on paper..

On the Couch. Graphite on paper.

The Brethren on Zoom. Biro and charcoal on paper.

Shanghai street scene. Ink on paper.

SOLD (private collection Australia)

Discovering the World. Ink and white gouache on paper.

The Sketch Group 2. Ink, pastel, watercolour and gouache on paper.

Devotion. Charcoal and watercolour on paper.

Breakfast. Charcoal and pastel on paper.

Pilgrimage – Diptych. Ink, acrylics and dry pastel over prahite and gesso on paper.

With Her Younger Self. Charcoal and oil on kraft paper.

Shadiyah dancing 1. Ink on kraft paper.

SOLD (private collection Australia)

Museum Visitors. Sharpie and graphite on paper.

Drawing Class. Conte crayon on paper.

In the Lunchroom of the Amsterdam Art Nouveau Museum ‘Het Schip’. Calligraphy pen and conte crayon on paper.

Fantasy in Black-and-White. Charcoal and conte crayon on gessoed paper.

No Title. Charcoal on paper.

Grand Cafe. Calligraphy pen on paper.