Nude. Gouache and gesso on paper.

Jessica. Charcoal on paper.

Emily. Charcoal on paper.

Just another way of relating. Mixed media on paper.

No Title. Charcoal on paper.

Medlar in the Herbal Garden of the city of Doesburg. Acrylics on canvas board.

G’ Morning Puss! Sharpie and watercolour on paper.

Poppies in a Barley Field. Pastel on paper.

Pernette. Conté crayon and pastel on tinted paper.

The Girl WIth The Pearl Earring, after Vermeer. Oil on linen.

Sunday Morning Anthurium. Ink and watercolour with white chalk highlights on kraft paper.

Pyroclastics. Oil on gessoed paper.

My brother Max. Oil on gessoed paper. Detail.

Piglets. Pastel on paper.

Late Evening Sky in Megchelen NL. Watercolour on paper.

Theo. Charcoal on kraft paper.

Trinidad. Pastel on paper.

Afternoon Sun. Ink, watercolour and gouache on paper.

Frans. Charcoal and oil on 120×100 cm linen.

Industrial landscape of Spheres and cylinders in the Port of Rotterdam. Ink and conte crayon on paper.

Frank playin the Sax. Art Class Demo. Ink and conte crayon on kraft paper.

Liquorice. Ink and gouache on paper.

COMMISSIONED WORK (private collection Australia)

Richmond, Late Afternoon. Charcoal and gouache on paper.

Thirty Seconds of Ecstasy. Oil on canvas board.

Early Morning Light. Calligraphy pen, conte crayon and coffee on paper.

Kebutaan Biru. Charcoal, pastel and white gouache on paper.

Ines. Conte crayon and pastel on gessoed paper.

New Year’s Eve. Charcoal and pastel on paper.

GIFTED (private collection Netherlands)

Nature Morte – Dead Queen Wasp. Calligraphy pen, watercolour and gouache on paper..

In Safe Hands. Pencil on paper.

Lenin. Fifteen minute pose. Charcoal and white conte crayon on toned paper.

Sunrise. Ink and watercolour on paper.

Andrea. Ink, oil paint and oil stick on gessoed paper.

Portrait of a Pony. Conte crayon on paper.

In the Bell Tower. Calligraphy pen and conte crayon on paper.

The Morning after the Corn had come off the Field. Pastel on paper.

Misty Morning. Calligraphy pen and pastel on paper.

Clarien. Charcoal on tinted paper.

Green Lizards. Pastel on paper.

Medlar in the Herbal Garden in the City of Doesburg NL. Acrylics on canvas board.

Admirers of Dutch fauvist Kees van Dongen’s work at the Singerlaren Museum NL. Sharpie andwatercolour on paper.

Ellie. Oil on 120 x 100 cm canvas

Ludmila. Conte crayon on paper.