Early morning reflection on the Oude IJssel river (NL). Charcoal and dry pastel on paper.

Early morning reflection on the Oude IJssel river (NL) 2. Pencil on paper.

Stephanie. Oils on linen.

Katinka 2. Pastel on toned paper.

Enhanced Randomness. Ink, gesso, dry and oil pastel son paper.

Wayang Golek in my Studio, visiteid by a Green Gecko. Oils on paper.

My brother Max. Oil on gessoed paper. Detail.

Finalist. Painter of the Year 2023, Netherlands.

Annotated Nude with Gecko. Gesso, oil sticks and oils on paper.

St Matthew’s Passion. Calligraphy pen on paper.

Head Frame at the former coal mine Bois du Cazier (B).

Alex. Oils on linen.

Composition. Gesso, acrylics and conte crayon on kraft paper.

Raymond playing the Guitar. Art Class Demo. Charcoal on paper.

The Aa-strang stream in Ulft (NL). Oil on linen.

Kebutaan Biru. Charcoal, pastel and white gouache on paper.

Nicole. Ink and watercolour on paper.

SOLD (rivate collection Netherlands).

New Year’s Eve. Charcoal and pastel on paper.

GIFTED (private collection Netherlands)

Nature Morte – Dead Queen Wasp. Calligraphy pen, watercolour and gouache on paper..

Migration. Oils on paper.

Sunrise. Ink and watercolour on paper.

Sunrise over Flanders Fields. Dry pastel on tinted paper.

Portrait of a Pony. Conte crayon on paper.

Luuk, the bull mastiff. Oil on gessoed paper.

Seingat Saya. Oil on canvas.

Cranefly. Ink and conte crayon on paper..

SOLD (rivate collection Netherlands).

Lux. Oils on linen.

War-torn. Oil on linen.

Avant l’Orage. Oil on linen.

Threatening Skies over Amsterdam. Ink and pencil on paper..