double self portrait of Hans


I am intrigued by human faces, and how they reflect a state of mind, an emotion, a mood. To be able to capture what lies behind the likeness is my greatest challenge, and my biggest reward.


I draw and sketch people, wherever and whenever I can.  When I commute or travel, while strolling through Melbourne, at musical performances or plays.


Life drawing has become almost like an addiction. A continuous and never-ending process of learning  to appreciate the beauty of the human form and to convincingly depict proportions,  volume,  the  interplay of shadow and light, the tension and dynamics .



Music is my other passion. To listen to, to make and to watch being made. Often fleeting moments, where the translation to paper of the gestures and concentration of the musician is key.

flour mill


A sample of all things city. Views, buildings, things that characterise the city for what it is.


Abstracting what I see to what I think best represents the essence, the mood, the feeling.



From a moonlit river in upstate Victoria, the rocky shore overlooking the Southern Ocean, your own backyard, to scenes of rural Holland, it’s all there to be drawn.

balinese cat


Some animals are like people, and to draw or paint them is almost like doing a portrait. Some animals are individuals and look it. No two cats or dogs are the same.


Still Life

When nothing or nobody else is available, there is always the option of a self-portrait. Or a still life. And like a portrait, creating a still life can be both challenging and rewarding. 



Artists learn from and are inspired by the work of others. Here I show a few examples of my interpretation of paintings, drawings and sculptures that I admire, and that have been created by other artists.


My work is used to illustrate books and scientific publications. A biologist by training, I am able to use research data and figures to create attractive illustrations that allure to a wider audience.


New Work

Work I’ve created recently.